RV TOILETS + Biodegradeable Waste Disposal supplies for RV's + Cabins

Brands - Thetford     Storburn
  RV Toilets - designed with the user in mind
- many ergonomic features make Thetford the most comfortable and elegant RV toilets available
- attractive styling
- ease of use
- water saving design
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty on all toilet models

  Aria Deluxe II
- features - One-Touch push-button or pedal WalkAway Flush
- sleek all-China exterior
- elongated residential seat
- most vigorous and comprehensive bowl washdown - regardless of water source
- Deluxe II requires 12 volt DC RV power source
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty

  Thetford - Aria Classic Toilet
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty
- offers same performance as ARIA Deluxe II only in a non-electric pedal flush version

  Thetford Aqua Magic Style LITE china toilet
- Thetford's lightest lightest china toilet ever
- a lighter china bowl for the weight conscious RV'er who still wants china
- Aqua Magic - Style LITE Dimensions
- High model - W 16 inches  H 18.6 inches  L 20.5 inches
- Low model - W 16 inches  H 13.625 inches  L 20.5 inches

Aqua Magic Style Plus features
- a new powerful flush mechanism
- unique anti-microbial seat and lid inhibit growth of odor causing bacteria and mold
- a home like china bowl and contemporary style
- Aqua Magic Style Plus - Dimensions
- High model - W 16 inches  H 20 inches  L 21 11/16 inches - Colors - White or Bone or Black
- Low model - W 16 inches  H 15 inches  L 21 11/16 inches - Colors - White or Bone
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty


  Thetford Aqua Magic V
- completely new design
- easier to flush and provides full-bowl coverage
- accepts Hand Spray accessory option - see below
- available in Hand Flush or Pedal Flush design
- available in High or Low Profile design
- colors - parchment  or white
- LOW model - dimensions W 15.125 inches x  H 14 inches  x  L 17.875 inches
- HIGH model - dimensions W 15.125 inches x  H 18.5 inches  x  L 17.875 inches
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty

   Thetford Bravura RV Toilet
- single- pedal convenience
- pulsating flush provides nearly instantaneous full-bowl washdown
- smooth lines + lift off seat - makes it easy to clean
- easy to install
- universal fit - can replace virtually all existing toilets
- colors - parchment  or white
- features the new Thetford - 3 year Warranty
- Dimensions - Low Model - W 16.625 inches x  H 14 inches  x  L 20.375 inches
- Dimensions - High Model - 16.625 inches x  H 17.875 inches  x  L 20.375 inches

Thetford - Electra Magic - Electric Toilet
- Specialized, completely self contained  recirculating toilet

- uses very little water - for use without an outside water connection or an inside holding tank
- large seat for 'full size' comfort
- features a waste level indicator
- quiet - push button flushing design
- operates on simple 12 Volt or 24 volt DC hookup
- dimensions W 17 inches x  H 21.125 inches  x  L 19.5 inches
- color - parchment
- comes with new Thetford 3 year warranty

Thetford RV + Camper  Toilet Accessories + Supplies

Thetford - Hand Sprayer
- for use with any Thetford toilet - except Electro Magic
- enables a self-directed, water-saving, hand rinse washdown

Thetford - Toilet Riser
- raises RV toilets 2.5inches (except Aria + Electra Magic models)
- offers comfort and convenience to all
- Colors available  -  Parchment or White

Biodegradable RV + Camp Toilet Supplies

  Thetford - Aqua Kem
- outsells all its competitors
- works best in areas that matter the most - odor control + waste digestion
- available in a variety of packaging to suit any need
- 100% biodegradable

  Thetford - Simple Green Products
- powerful odor control
- superior waste digestion and exceptional tank cleaning
- concentrated - 4 oz liquid treats 40 gallons
- 100% biodegradable
- non-formaldehyde formula

  Gas Fired Incinerating Toilets

  Storburn Gas Fired Incinerating Toilet
Model 60KPV - propane powered with vertical outlet
(made in Canada)
- pollution free design
- portable, self contained , waterless - all weather design
- odorless and can be used inside, outside or anywhere
- all you need is a vent and hook-up to a propane tank
- perfect for the cabin or cottage, bunkhouse, mobile office and wilderness worksites
- can be installed in any heater or unheated enclosure
- color - Beige or White
- capacity 3 US gallons
- dimensions 17.75 inches x 31.25 inches x 53 inches high
- requires 96 inch ceiling height in restroom
- unit weighs 170 pounds

  Storburn installation in a trailer

  Storburn installation in a cabin

  Storburn toilet controls

Storburn Toilet - Instructions

- Simply use the toilet. The toilet can be used approximately 40 - 50 times before burning is necessary. The full mark is the smaller leg cast into the combustion chamber on the right hand side between the two larger reinforcing legs. Once the waste reaches the top of this leg, it is necessary to burn whether it is one use or one hundred uses.

Before starting the burn cycle, be sure to add the one packet of anti-foam into the liquid portion of the waste...not on top of the mountain. Place the cover plug on and set your timer for four hours (if altitude exceeds 4,000 feet, you may have to set the timer for up to six hours). Start the burn cycle in the same way you would start your barbecue.

The burn cycle is very similar to boiling potatoes on the stove. As the combustion chamber heats up, the liquid starts to boil. As the liquid boils, it boils away the solids. If there is not a lot of toilet paper and it is allowed to dry out, it will eventually hit the bottom of the combustion chamber and turn to ash. All that should be left after the four hour burn cycle is half a cup of sterile ash that you can either vacuum up when cool, or scoop up and put on your rose garden.

The combustion chamber never needs to be washed as it does work as a self cleaning oven and disinfects itself with each burn cycle. The toilet will shut off when the time expires or the high limit switch will shut it down if it overheats because all of the liquid has been boiled away.